Fauna & Flora

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River Edge forms part of the Boland Mountain Complex in the Cape Floristic Region which forms part of the 8 Unesco World Heritage sites in South Africa.  This is the home of our National flower, the Giant King Protea! Take a hike on our well –marked route, fill your lungs with fresh air and enjoy the various Fynbos (a fire-prone shrubland)  including many members of the Protea family (Proteaceae), Heath family (Ericaceae), and Reed family of restios (Restionaceae).
The Cape Floristic Region, the smallest of the six recognized floral kingdoms of the world, is an area of extraordinarily high diversity and boast more than 9 000 vascular plant species, of which 69 % are endemic. 
Cape Nature has a program, called “work for water”.  They send teams to remove invading plant species such as Hakea, Black Wattle, Pine etc..
Plants to look out for:
  • Protea Repens (suikerkan),
  • Protea Nitida (kaapse waboom),
  • Protea piscine (visgat protea),
  •  Protea nana (skaam bergrosie),
  •  Protea Cynaroides (Konings protea),
  • Mimetes cucullatus (rooi stompie) etc. see photos
Wildlife on the farm:
Among the small antelope on the farm you can watch out for:
  • Grysbok,
  • Klipspringer,
  • Vaalribbok,
  • Steenbok.

Also to be found are:

  • Dassies,
  • Hares,
  • Black Backed Jackal,
  • Giant Otter also called African Clawless Otter etc.

 The wide variety of reptiles includes the very rare Geometric Tortoise.