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The latest edition to River Edge Accommodation is the private group campsite for a maximum of 4 caravans/off-road trailers next to the Breede River.   
The whole campsite is yours, whether you are 2 or 24 people!  No other people sharing bathrooms or the camp area!!
The campsite is well protected from the Southeaster and offers a small pool and Lapa-area with scullery and large round fireplace.
  • The bathroom has two showers and two toilets.
  • Electricity supplied.
  • The Campsite is pet friendly!
  • Large Blue-gum tree for shade but since it is a new campsite, you need to bring more shade e.g. a gazebo.
  • Maximum 24 people allowed. 
Minimum daily rate:  R1120 (includes the first 8 people)
Thereafter:  R140 per person per night from 12 years and older.
Kids 4 to 12 years R70 per child.
Kids under 4 stay free of charge.
(Maximum 24 people allowed.)
Rules and Regulations:
  • River Edge does not accept any responsibility for using the facilities, whether as invitee or otherwise for any injuries, harm, losses of whatsoever nature, or other damages suffered while visiting or occupying the facilities of River Edge.
  • Occupants and visitors acknowledge that the facilities and the use thereof include inherent risks, which risks could include injury, drowning, disease or death. All facilities will be used at own risk.
  • Occupants and visitors agree that River Edge, its members and employees shall not be responsible for any injuries, harm, losses of whatsoever nature, or other damages suffered and indemnify River Edges, its members and employees against any such responsibility and liability of whatsoever nature.
  • Visitors to River Edge should please arrive from 14:00 on the arrival date and please departure before 10h00. Alternative times may be arranged.
  • Under no circumstances will more than 32 people and or 8 vehicles be allowed Camp Chloe group campsite. Please arrange with management regarding visitors.
  • Visitors will be held accountable for any breakage or losses of items or structures.
  • No loud music, motorbikes, fireworks, firearms, jet skis or powerboats will be allowed.
  • Silence after 22h00, please take your fellow campers or guests staying the cottages into consideration.
  • Children under the age of 6 must be accompanied by adults to the ablution facilities.
  • Consider the safety of small children. Parents will be held responsible for the behaviour and safety of their children.
  • Please use the designated braai facilities. Never leave fires unattended. A fire extinguisher is available in the broom cupboard of each cottage and in the bathroom of the campsite. (in case of Emergency).
  • All wild animals are protected and should be considered dangerous. No Feeding of the animals allowed.
  • Please respect our environment and take care not to harm any plants or damage any fences.
  • Do not waste any water or electricity.
  • Keep to the speed limit of 20km/h. Normal traffic rules apply.
  • Please ensure that your campsite and ablution facilities be kept neat and clean at all times. Please make use of the rubbish bins. Additional black bags are available at the farm shop.
  • Do remember to deposit your KEYS in the box at the farm shop on your departure. The Cost for Replacing of keys will be for your account.
  • 50% deposit will be payable with reservation. Full stay value must be paid upon arrival.
  • Basic items will be available at the kiosk. Open daily for breakfast until 12!
  • SMOKING in the bathrooms of the campsite or in the cottage  IS PROHIBITED!
Terms & Conditions:
  • Reservations:
    We respectfully remind you that a verbal or written reservation constitutes a legal contract.
    Provisional bookings & Deposit:
    Once a verbal or written request has been received to make a reservation, a 50% deposit is required within 5 working days to secure your accommodation, should we not receive your deposit or proof of payment, you can lose your reservation. 
    We have a minimum stay of 2 nights during weekends and 3 nights during long weekends! 
    During peak season, we require full and final payment one month prior to arrival.
    Cancellations are only effective on receipt of written notification via email, no telephone cancellation or sms notifications will be accepted. 
    Cancellation 0 - 14 days before date of arrival, or no-show – visitor forfeits 100% of deposit paid.
    Cancellation 15 - 28 days before date of arrival – visitor forfeits 75% of deposit paid.
    Cancellation 29+ days before date of arrival – visitor forfeits 50% of deposit paid.
    Arrival/Departure Times:
    For the convenience of incoming guests, we require rooms to be vacated by 10h00am on the day of departure. Later departure times may, however, be possible on request. Earliest arrival time is 15h00 (except by prior arrangement). Please telephone us if you anticipate arriving after 18h00.
    In the event of damage to our property, we reserve the right to charge to replace, repair or professionally clean the item concerned.
    Child Policy:
    We welcome children on the farm and we hope the fresh air give them rosy cheeks.  Please watch children at all times. Maybe the Jacuzzi is uncovered or the deck gate to the river is left open.  No children should be allowed on the river using any boats or equipment without supervision. Please mind our upholstered furniture for the little dirty hands and feet.  
    Smoking policy:
    Please smoke on the deck and not in the house.  Don’t discard cigarettes in the river or under the wooden deck.  It is a fire hazard and will pollute our lovely river.
    Pet Policy:
    All dogs, cats, caged birds and any other well-behaved pets welcome all year round. Pets sleep preferably on the deck or inside - bring own pet beds and bowls. Dogs are not permitted on the furniture and pets must be free of ticks and fleas on arrival. The deck at each house is enclosed. No unattended pets allowed inside the house! Dogs must be walked on leashes. Guests must clean up after their pets and are required to pick up the poop. Consideration must be given to other guests’ dogs, cats and resident farm animals. Please don’t let the wet dogs lie against upholstered furniture and free the loose carpet from animal hair. Pets stay FREE. 


    I accept that the owners will take all reasonable steps to protect guests, their family, visitors and minor children from injury and loss.

    I however accept that the owners, their employees and or their agents shall not be liable for any injury, loss or damage of any description whatsoever which I, my guests, any member of my family, our visitors and minor children may sustain directly or indirectly in or about the premises from whatever cause.

    I hereby accept all responsibility and indemnify the owners, their employees and or their agents against any claims by myself and any aforesaid person for any injury, loss or damage sustained as aforesaid.

    I confirm that I have informed all my guests, their family, visitors and our minor children of the contents of this indemnity, and confirm that:

    1.  They understand the contents and legal consequences of this indemnity; and
    2. They accept the contents of this indemnity; and
    3. That they have authorized me to inform you that they accept the terms and conditions of this indemnity, which I hereby do on their behalf.